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Wool Garden Pellets

Wool Garden Pellets

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American wool gardening pellets – your organic alternative to perlite. Our wool pellets are sourced from scrap wool from Utah. For best results, I recommend mixing 5% wool pellets with 95% potting soil (about .5 cups per gallon of soil).

Prevent over watering Our wool pellets hold up to 20% of their weight in water, allowing them to slowly release water when the plant needs it, which means less babysitting for you!

Increase porosity As the wool pellets absorb water, they expand allowing for optimal root growth. They will biodegrade over six months, but are nearly impossible to see after 2-3 months. As they decompose, the wool helps aerate the soil.

Repel Snails Sprinkle the pellets around your plants to detract snails. Please note: I use a container garden and have not had an issue with this directly, so I cannot speak to it firsthand. Made from scrap 100% raw USA wool that supports American ranchers and farmers. It is biodegradable, sustainable, and organic. And yes, these smell like wool!

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