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Lanolin Salve

Lanolin Salve

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Lanolin is known for it's incredible moisturizing properties. Used in a variety of products, we believe it's pure form is undervalued for deep conditioning. Great for dry skin, hands, heels, hair (but just tips!), lip balm, burns, scars, cat scratches, chafing… you name it, the Lanolin Salve will help restore your skin. If you haven't used lanolin before, it is a byproduct of washing wool and is sometimes referred to as "wool wax." True to its moniker, lanolin is much thicker than lotion and a pea size amount goes a long way. Happy moisturizing!
The seconds are 20% discounted off of the normal retail price due to oil seeping through the paper packaging.

Ingredients: Lanolin
Please: Do not eat. This product uses cosmetic grade lanolin. Our goal is to purchase domestic, pharmaceutical grade lanolin in the near future. (While I've heard people poke fun at this, it is cosmetic grade lanolin – not pharmaceutical grade lanolin – so we cannot recommend it as a nipple cream.)
For our thinner, scented lanolin blend salve, please find our Cure All Salve here.
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