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Adjustable Quilted Wool Pillow

Adjustable Quilted Wool Pillow

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Introducing the Standard Sized Quilted Wool Pillow, the perfect blend of comfort and quality. Crafted with 100% premium wool stuffing and encased with quilted hemp/cotton fabric, this pillow provides a soft and cozy sleeping surface that will keep you comfortable all night long.
The quilted design adds a touch of practical style to your bedding, while the generous standard size fits most standard pillowcases. Perfect for side and back sleepers alike, this pillow offers just the right amount of support for a restful night's sleep. Whether you're looking for a new pillow for your own bed or searching for a thoughtful gift, this quilted wool pillow will delight.
The zippered pillow is designed to be adjustable and allow sleepers to add or remove wool filling as desired.
Celebrate handmade! Each pillow is unique as it is hand cut and sewn in Dartmouth, Massachusetts.

Washing Instructions

  1. Remove wool stuffing
  2. Fill a basin (bathtub, sink, bucket – whatever you have available) with tepid water
  3. Add soap
    1. If using liquid soap, add 1/2 teaspoon of gentle liquid soap – Eucalan, Woolite, Soak, Ecover, Dr. Bronner's, baby wash/shampoo etc all work
    2. If using a bar soap, put the soap in the basin before you fill it with water and leave it in there while the pillowcase rinses –ours, Twig & Horn, Tuft Woolens, etc would all work
  4. Add the pillow (and stuffing if you're washing that) to the water
  5. Swish the pillowcase (and separate stuffing, if washing) around a few seconds 
  6. Let it sit for about 10 minutes – it's fine to let it sit for longer if you go out or forget about it too :) 
  7. Swish again
  8. Empty water
  9. Rise – I do this even if a soap says it's no rinse
  10. Lay flat to dry

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