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The Citrusy and Earthy Queenie Charcoal Bar Soap

Recently I realized that I have not talked much about the original product – the mighty sheep milk bar soap – from this small business. Originally, when I started my Etsy store, I wanted to call this business the Black Sheep Soap Company. Unfortunately for me back then, someone had already claimed that name. Fortunately, I think Herd Supply Co. worked out and allowed me to more deeply explore my interest in sheep than just the soaps that we’re known for.  In spite of not naming the company what I originally intended it to, my first creation was an activated charcoal soap bar, now known as the Queenie Sheep Milk Bar Soap. Inspired by Fibershed and keeping things local, the milk was supplied by the sheep on our farm (Beckett Farms) and named after my great grandmother.  Born Retha Sullivan in St. Petersburg, FL, she changed her name to Queenie Belle after running away from her second husband. As a Linotype operator for the St. Pete Times, she was greeted on her first day of work by firecrackers in her machine – supposedly she worked through the explosions which caught my great grandfather’s attention.  The Queenie soap scent is inspired by her wild homeland – the orange groves, the cedar swamps, the pine groves. More than a bar of orange soap, I hope this citrusy and earthy combination brings you back to a time of simple wood ceilings, carefree summer nights walking barefoot in the crabgrass, and easy familial bonding around a dining room table. 

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