earthy + citrusy bar soap


The Queenie bar is inspired by a discontinued bar of fig soap I used to make. Customers said it either smelled like figs or like a Christmas tree. Although the scent is similar, there is no fig scent in this bar. Instead, this citrus bar draws inspiration from Florida, where Queenie lived. This bar is scented with a mix of essential oils, including blood orange, pine, and frankincense. This cold process soap is perfect for all over skin care, whether it be hand soap, body soap / shower soap, or facial soap. It also pairs well with natural deodorant to pull any sweat from your armpit. For the longest lasting bar, use a soap dish to allow the bar to dry between uses. All soaps made by Herd Supply are cured for four weeks minimum.

The History: The Queenie bar is named after my great grandmother, Queenie. Born in St. Petersburg, Florida, is 1897, the woman grew up to be a force of nature. Standing six feet tall, she wrote the society pages for the newspaper, which her husband printed. The paper eventually brought them to Connecticut where they worked at the Hartford Courant. My grandmother still has their home from the 1920s just outside of Starke, Florida.

Ingredients: Olive Oil, Sustainable Palm Oil, Distilled Water, Lye, Sheep’s Milk, Coconut Oil, our blend of Essential Oils, and Charcoal Powder.

The Bar: This soap is handcrafted in small batches. It is scented with our blend of essential oils and features charcoal for a detoxifying bar.

Please: For the longest lasting bar you can get your hands on, please use a soap dish.