How We Source

our supply chain

Herd Supply is committed to using American wool. While this project originally began as a way to use wool from my parents' small farm, it is now a way to support farmers in our country. Currently we source from Connecticut, Maine, and Utah. Why those states?

New England –

New England is home to many small farms and was the epicenter of the textile world when factories started moving out of Manhattan's Garment District. Between Lowell and New Bedford, Massachusetts (cotton), Stafford Springs, Connecticut, (wool, camel, and cashmere) , and Manchester, Connecticut (silk), New England had a textile factory town for each type of fabric. New England is notorious for its small farms, Often considered hobby farms, their fine wool is often sold to hand spinners. High micron count wool like what we seek is often put in bulky waste as it does not degrade quickly in large quantities. 

Because I learn as I go, I sought wool similar to the sheep that we had on our farm. High micron wool is often considered itchy, so it is not used for clothing. However, it is ideal for 

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