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I’m Leah, and Herd Supply found me long before I founded it. I grew up in an apartment above my dad’s vet office, which happened to be on the same site as our family sheep and produce farm. I spent more time in my early childhood with sheep than I did with people, which led to my first word being, “Baa.”  

Like many generations of my family, I grew up in Glastonbury, Connecticut. However, I consider myself one-quarter Southern as my dad’s side of the family has roots in Florida, about 45 minutes outside of St. Augustine. Because I knew I wanted to live on the east coast, I needed a getaway before committing to New England for the rest of my life! I studied creative writing at Gonzaga University in the amazing inland northwest city of Spokane, Washington, with the intention of returning home to do… something.

Herd Supply started as a sheep’s milk soap company out of my parents’ kitchen when I was newly home from college. After the lambs were weaned off of their moms, I was able to hand milk the ewes to store the milk for the first batch of soap.. Soon after, I noticed we were composting all of the wool. The next year, I started making dryer balls. Eventually the two merged with the inclusion of the felted wool laundry stain stick.

Long story short, my love of our derpy sheep led me to discovering that nearly 40% of American wool is wasted each year when my boyfriend and I were sitting in our tiny Airbnb room on vacation in Japan (source). Knowing the difficulties farmers face, coupled with the increasing knowledge of plastic pollution, I started arranging for the purchase of high micron count wool from small New England farmers and shepherds for our quilted wool-stuffed pillows and dog beds (launching fall 2020) before our return home.

Although merino wool is often recognized as the luxury wool, different varieties of wool have different benefits. Locally, wool over 28 microns isn’t sought after because it is not as soft next to skin. However, it maintains its shape well, which makes it perfect for the bedding projects we are working on.

I hope you enjoy what we work so hard to create. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out get in touch through our form,  via email or on Instagram.


Leah and the sheep