Herd Supply Co_Leah and the Sheep

meet herd supply

Herd Supply Co. is a woman-owned small business born out of a love of sheep.

This small-batch skincare and home goods project originally began with a one-sheep-at-a-time milking parlor and a home kitchen. Featuring sheep milk from Leah’s family flock, she made bar soap to display alongside the family farm’s produce at markets. Sheep milk is traditionally revered for being a seasonal, delicious, and easily digestible milk for cheese. With nearly double the fat of cow and goat milk, this also lends itself nicely to creating the Herd’s highly moisturizing cold process soap.

Although desire led Leah to create the first batches of soap, luck led her to wool. After discovering her family farm was composting wool fleeces, she recovered it for processing into felted wool dryer balls. Now, wool is sourced from four small farms (three in Connecticut and one in Maine) and processed into stuffing, batting, and roving for use in dryer balls, pillows, and DIY crafts.

In 2021, thanks to the all-nurturing sheep, Herd Supply Co. launched its concentrated moisturizers with the lanolin salves. Lanolin – also called wool yolk, wool fat, wool wax, or wool grease – is the wax that separates from wool when it is scoured. It is extremely hydrating and closely resembles our skin’s protective barrier.

Leah and the sheep are working hard to bring you high-quality products made slowly, carefully, and inspired by our rural New England landscapes.